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Featured Guests: Sandy + Steve

In celebration of Maru Sushi Okemos' Tenth Birthday, we will be featuring some of those regular guests who have been with us since the beginning.  First up: Sandy and Steve. 

We fondly refer to Sandy and Steve as our honorary Grandparents at Okemos.  The moment they walked in the doors late 2009 they couldn’t resist the cocktails, fresh fish, and outstanding service.  They once frequented another restaurant, but after their first Maru experience, they never went back.   Every week, we know what Sandy and Steve will order: nigiri, a different sushi roll, and often times their new favorite, our Fried Tofu Appetizer, which they just discovered they love.  They also love our Tempura Land and Sea.  “Your Tempura is hands down the BEST tempura I’ve had in the entire United States,” Sandy included. 

Head Chef Edie sat down with Sandy and Steve this week to ask them a few questions. Here's what they had to say: 

What do you love most about Maru?

Steve: “The innovation, the fresh fish, and the people.  I’ve always said Maru is the best Asian experience in Michigan.  The servers are helpful and will really work with you to help you get what you want.” 

Sandy: “The menu isn’t overwhelming, we haven’t had everything, but it’s concise and explained well.  There really is something for everyone here.”

What are your favorite Maru Memories?

Steve: “We used to give Chef Moon a price range and then he would just create us the most beautiful dishes and appetizers while we would sit at the sushi bar."

As we all sat day dreaming about Chef Moon’s Omakase, Sandy remembers another fond Robert memory. “I remember the day I found out about collars [or kamas].  I told Robert I had no idea what a ‘collar’ was.   Robert stopped and told me, ‘Well, you are having one tonight!’ and I loved it!”

Why do you Keep coming back?

Steve: “We were looking for that California sushi experience.  We used to go to a place in San Diego and the chef would always make us this beautiful tuna sashimi rose with shiso leaves, and we would leave with a hand sculpted rose made out of foil.  We found that at Okemos.  It’s an artistry, you eat with your eyes first.”

At this point Sandy and Steve were on the last sips of their drinks. I made sure to make  a reservation for Thursday at their usual seats, for our special Chef Moon guest spot light.  The perfect evening for these honorary regulars we seat every week, with pleasure. 

Thank you, Sandy and Steve!